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Corsair H80 making pump noise.


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as the title says. its been happening for about 3 weeks. it does not do it all the time but when it does, its has a slight rattle inside of the pump. at first i thought it was the fans because when i put new ones on, the noise stopped. but a few days later it came back. ive tried tapping the block, which does seem to make the noise stop, but it will return every so often.


i would like to do an rma, but ive been told that corsair would need proof of purchase. i guess this is how yall do warranty claims. this cooler was given to me brand new as a birthday gift back in july of 2011. the person who originally bought it is currently deployed overseas and there isnt any way i can get it contact with him. so will this be a problem? i would like to do something fast, for fear of something happening to the pump while my computer is on.


if anyone can help, id be greatful.



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