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I don't want to look for application in a pile (its Windows 7) of tray icons (btw, a have to make 2 clicks on icon to launch application!). I want minimize it, test new macro and reopen application again. Alt+Tab - is a magic thing!

Guys! Its not that hard to program that feature!

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If you have the "Notification" selected on the Manage Profiles screen, the software will Minimize into your tray icons.


System tray is not what I'm looking for... but I'll make some experiments this evening.


Hey, RAMGUY! Do you have any rumors about next release of M60 software? What's in change-list? When its going out? Will our wishes come to life?

Please! :roll:

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I have had most of the problems discussed in these forums.. and have figured out workarounds for most. One that I haven't seen mentioned is that when it does the weird thing where it dies or becomes unresponsive.. (assuming you have another mouse connected... which is mandatory with this bad boy) ..change the refresh rate to something other than what it is.. and then change it back. I've found that to revive the mouse everytime.


However, I just did a "Save to m90" and it said finished, but was not responsive. Then I saw windows (7 x64) start flashing notices in my tray about unrecognized USB device. I've tried uninstalling the software and reflashing doesn't recognize the mouse. It does show up in device manager but as "unrecognized device". The kicker is that it doesn't work on my laptop... which leads me to believe its a bricked mouse.


Anyway to fix or do I need to RMA? I'm just outside of my 30 day return.


For whatever its worth though.. yes the software / drivers suck pretty bad. But this is by FAR the most comfortable solid feeling mouse I've used. And I've tried the Cyborgs, G500s, G5, and a few other random ones.


I love a lot of the feature suggestions and would like to add one myself. Would love to be able to assign macros to button down / button release. Basically.. that would allow us to emulate the Sniper button in many different ways.

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Is there any workaround to get the recognizing of Applications to work in the Hardware playback mode?


On the other hand my bindings won't work in Arma2 without Hardware mode, but on the other hand I can't get the mouse to auto choose right profile with Hardware mode. I would like to have both.

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  • Corsair Employees

Application's can not be launched properly from hardware playback. It's by design. It's a limitation of Windows and how the process is done. A few factors come into play. Mouse or keyboard has no notion of what platform it is attached to, it could be a non windows platform. To launch an application mouse literally has to type “Win key + R” & pathname of executable, which is very prone to errors under windows since the macro character stream can be easy stalled or interrupted.


Please review:


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I have been testing the latest release from our software team. No date yet on when it will be released. I will post in the forums when it is available.


Any teasers on whether it has improved functionality? Or it would be more of a bug fix and stability update?

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I have been testing the latest release from our software team. No date yet on when it will be released. I will post in the forums when it is available.

Neat ^_^, thanks for the info.

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  • Corsair Employees
I can not comment on any upcoming releases or changes until the update is available and we list a txt file with the changes. I can tell you though that the user forums have been a huge help for helping to bring changes and needed improvements to the software.
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I can not comment on any upcoming releases or changes until the update is available and we list a txt file with the changes. I can tell you though that the user forums have been a huge help for helping to bring changes and needed improvements to the software.



First of all I'd like to say hello to all members of this forum and people that read it as this its probably my first post on here. Up to today I was only reading this forum but RAM GUY made me to post my first comment.

I wish to make a comment on his previous post where he mentioned that this forum was very helpful for corsair team to final make a software that will work on our mice.

I deeply sorry Mr RAM GUY but you as a big company as Corsair have **** to do. The main idea on Corsair company is listen to customers and give them bes possible service as products. M90,K90,M60 and K60 as a products itself are brilliant but for the love of god what happen with your idea of best service ?? What made you put on sales product that wasn't finished ??

Mouse was released few months ago and you still haven't fixed software problem!!

on top of that you willingly admit that you were tracking our comments on forum and forum was very helpful for you.. and that's OK but what makes you need to have so much time to fix this ??


You shouldn't thank us for our comments on here. To read this forum is your (Corsair) DUTY/obligation in order to GIVE US a PROPER and FINISHED products.


Thank you.

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  • Corsair Employees

Thank you for your post Phen0mable.


What I do is provide feedback from my personal experience using the devices and from users in the section of the forums i monitor. In most cases the functionality of the software and devices are really strong. Because of at times the unlimited ways people go about using the software it will always be something that will be constantly evolving. What I try to do is compile information to report to our product manager about issue and suggestions that I see in the selection i monitor. I can assure you we consistently look at ways to improve the customer experience with our devices.

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I just need to do this like in the smurf style...

Are we smurf yet papa smurf? :p:


Any light at the end of the tunnel that start to dimm the shadows on the cave walls?:bigeyes: . Yes am referring to the new patch.:D:


I was wondering... Why didn't both keyboard and mouse be able to change profile at the same time. without consideration of being the mouse or keyboard switching profiles.

Also there's 6 profiles on the mouse, and 3 on the keyboard. Why only 3 on the keyboard? Is it because the keyboard got out first and they didn't consider such a idea at the time? Or is there some limitation on the hardware to go at 6 profiles on the keyboard? Or they just figured that it couldn't be possible to want more then 3?

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Am talking about each hardware profile for both devices?


I mean there's a USB port on that keyboard made just for the M90.

And switching the mouse profile with the keyboard and seeing the led on the mouse switching in tandem with the profile key of the keyboard would have been kinda neat.

RAM GUY, first of all am sorry that this reply turned into a book.. lol. I just noticed how much i wrote only at the end. So feel free to skip whatever you feel isn't worth it from the titles i added afterwards.:p:

Sorry about my usual Typo and grammatical error. English ain't my main language. I do try to correct myself when i see them.


I know this ain't really constructive idea nor really usefull.

Maybe i should have started a new tread with this also, feel free to split it if you think am not posting at the right place.



When i bought the two(M90 and K90), that's the thing that first cross my mind...


"Why is there only 3 profile on the keyboard and 6 on the mouse?"


Then once i tried them both, the second thing that i thought was...


"Would be nice if keyboard had 6 and both switched in tandem."


Then i saw it did not...


Then after a few hours playing with settings and using them both i thought...


"Would be Godly if i could script both in all flexibility of what was MOD scripting in Quake1, 2, 3 on so on before they started to put locks everywhere in pc games"





Love the stainless steal pad. It scream sturdy and classy.

The weight is perfect, i don't care much about weights in mouse. i think that was a bad market gimmick that way too much gamer fallen into.


The size is perfect too. My hand wont cramp after hours of game-play on it, and i feel comfortable moving it. Tho making 3 size model would be wiser. As some have smaller hands and other bigger then me.


The PLED(Power Luminescent Emitting Diode) light was a nice touch. Especially on the stainless steel surface *drools here*.

But using Transitor PLED would have been smarter. Like over 256 colors capability for a fraction more on the price everyone?





Like i did post you in the past, i find the program lacking in flexibility, thus in possibility also. I feel like its running at 65% of what Gaming mod script system were capable of. The day you will get at 100%, your gonna get loads of old school and hardcore gamer as faithful client for sure.


You got the basic for the look, feel and ergo on that mouse and keyboard.. love them both.

Don't just fix the program... BLOW OUR MINDS with it.. set a new standard on the market. If we need to wait 1 year for it.. fine. But remake it from grounds up.


Dish the software profile mode.... That's a dead end for sure. Sharing system resources for peripheral never ended up well as far as i remember. Especially in the mess that MS OS is. Whatever versions.






Stay with hardware mode as default, but remake it properly from ground up.

Maybe extending the computer peripheral commands layout would be a option instead of reusing existing keys on the keyboard also.


I mean instead of Re-Using the R or F key on the mouse button with delay and repetitive functions... Why don't you just create a TRUE mouse button 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 button. Witch could be binded to functions in a game or program.


I know its possible i saw this with the Microsoft sidewinder in the pass. And with the Maxtor Orbital MX6 extension keypad also. Its not reusing KEYS that already exist, its his own keys and windows recognize it as such with no problem. And yes in games they detect them and are able to use them


And you still can use MACRO through all this also. But you just improved a whole 400% the product with such lil details.






The button layout itself is brilliant. Very inspiring and useful.


The main buttons does feel a lil too stiff to press tho. They should be softer with a back click effect when they are press. A bit like the K90 main key's.

Am throwing back the idea of the mid-click button that i posted before also. The more i think about it, the more i think it would be a must. Maybe not all of them, but at the the sniper one and the one at the opposite end also.


Those are the two i use the most often. and having 2 press level on each really would be nice. Those who would not like to have 2 button functions on each would just have to avoid using the second one.. leaving it blank.





Actions ( what you do with mouse/Keyboard)

Reactions (how the mouse and keyboard react to the computer from the actions applied.)


Again another idea am re-pitching in here.

You MUST have the following in the program setup of the M90 and K90, and am not kidding.

The following are referring to the mouse buttons itself, not the MACROS you create with the keyboard for the mouse and vice-verse


MOUSE ACTIONS: [X] = Can be any mouse button the user choose it to be


-Click -->When you click on [X], this happens

-Double Click -->When you double click on [X], this happens

-Triple Click -->When you triple click on [X], this happens

-On Press -->When you press [X], this happens

-On Depress -->When you release [X], this happens

-On Move -->When you move the mouse, this happens

-On Y axis move -->When you move the mouse sideways, this happens

-On X axis move -->When you move the mouse up and down, this happens

-On Hold (xx seconds) --> When you hold [X] for [seconds] this happens

-On Combo (button A, button B) -->When you press [X] and [X] together, this happens

-On shake -->When you quickly shake the mouse up/down/left/right 2 time this happens

-On lift (height level) -->When you lift the mouse [Height] this happens.


From there you can add your actual functions for normal one shot Reactions, repetitive reactions, Redo as long as you hold the button Reactions. Etc.


You can go on with your actual interface, but add a UPDATE MOUSE SCRIPT big button on a corner of the window please.

Also add a section where you can truly script like coder do.

So both type of gamer will be happy. Advanced and Basic Mode.



M90 ALT version


This is more a modified version of the M90 i would like to explore and test myself one day.


Basically with the 2 midpress main button

Softer clicking with backclick on fullpress.

Transistor PLED instead of regular one

Thumb surface OFFSET aim


I already explained the 3 first point before, Here ill explain only the last one.

Whats a OFFSET? Its a mechanism that permits you to precisely adjust something on a very small scale by moving with long and large stride of movements.

So in the case of this mouse, where the thumb rest is, make that surface a Thumb mouse pad like we have on laptops. But in the shape of the actual M90 thumb rest. And working at around 20dpmi, can be modified in the programming like the sniper setting.


Basically instead of pressing a button to lower the dpmi setting on the mouse, make that surface a hyper lower one to be able to move between screen pixel for example... OR for allot of gamer, to make some quick final aim adjustment with the thumb just before you fire.


Make it so that you need to press at a certain level before it actually change reacts. So softly resting the thumb there wont do anything. But pressing at about the same level that we press the K90 key will reacts accordingly to your thumb subtle movement to adjust your aim.


Add a hidden reset button. You know what i mean ^_^.... Just in case, in worse case scenario, the mouse crash in a bad way that we cant go back in the configuration anymore. Put a lil dipswitch inside the mouse... with a small lil hole just above it. Using a hairpin we would be able to at least reset the whole thing and reload the last usable config in it. Every complicated electronic device has the potential to crash or bug. whatever how well a program and interface was build. Having this escape route would remove headaches am sure.





Add 3 more Profile key, make them switchable in tandem with the mouse with a check-mark box in the configuration

Put the K60 Profiled WASD rubber edged key in them. With laser Etched W,A,S,D. Add 4 spare WASD rubber edged key with it. They do wear off with time.


On the LOCK button. Make it lock both the TILDE key and the WINDOWS key


Use Transistor PLED instead of normal one.. 256 colors.


Add a react PLED system.:

At 25% or 50% PLED luminosity, make the light come 25% brighter on the key press down and fade back to its normal level when r released.

When a game is running, make the WASD key glow at 100% when the rest is at 50% or 25%.


Make the PLAY KEY actually call the sound program you want and start it. Right now you need to highlight the windows to operate with it. witch kinda sucks.


Add 4 more smaller size volume control. And in the configuration, make it able to select witch volume control in window they actually control at all time.


Add a hidden reset button in it. Same principle as the M90.


Add a embedded 16M color square LCD touchscreen on the right side ( Maybe a add-on module?). If you dont understand what am talking about... think about the Razer "Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Gaming Keyboard" fused with the Matrix orbital very powerfull GX screen. And on the plus side, you could actually totally edit the content of that screen with a editor similar to LCDC well implemented on the configuration page.Why this? This would actually avoid you doing ALT-TAB risking the game to crash when you want to see who/what/how on Teamspeak/Ventrillo or any other Voice ip your using for example. Its basically a compact touchscreen for quick reference while gaming. Razer created the concept as far as i know.. but not with very large flaws that some while find obvious.


Actually the LCD touchscreen could be used as a extra MACRO key interface also. that could change depending on the first macros.

Anyway great potential to explore on that one also.







Keeping in mind that we are ditching the Program mode on the mouse, and evolving the hardware mode.


Forget about using a downloaded program installed on the PC to modify the mouse. Your idea of making this mouse completely autonomous and interchangeable from one computer to another witought reconfiguring everything is KEY here.


Lets install the program in the mouse... Lets forget about about compiled exe interface, lets use a secure HTML interface so it will work well on any kind of computer and OS.


You access its html interface by inputting a local IP(lets say, witch all mouse will have, but can only be accessed with a login and password like most ROUTER already does.


Heck lock the port 80 on it if your afraid that the mouse would be hacked remotely from this kind of interface.

Lets use the port 8080.


And if there's a update to do on it... easy as pie. Its already RAM in it right?



After all that, what can i say?


Anyway, after taking a few step back, jeez i had allot to say apparently, sorry about that. ^_^


If there's some stuff missing in the K90 and the M90 to be able to do some of my suggestions.... Fine, make the M100 and the K100 with everything in it, ill go buy them ^_^.


I know there's people out there that are crying to get that latest patch. And some are even mad because they did not get what they thought they would get. But as for I, am a patient men, ill wait. But the whole product better be well built. Not just the material itself, but the concept and the way to configure them as well.


Don't see all this as a complaint.. Am just pitching in ideas here, hoping that the biggest ones find its way to the creator.. Hell he can call me. ^_^

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