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No more cables for my psu.


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I submitted a RMA using the link in this page to request extra modular cables for my Corsair Ax 850 like indicate in the post named "How to request extra modular PSU cables" in this forum .

Corsair give me a 2454172 RMA but say that i´ve to return the product.

I only want that Corsair send me the cables like other customers if the cables are available.


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  • Corsair Employees

Some of the forms are based in our automated system so no you do not have to send your PSU or cables they will send them to you or let you know the cost.

However, this is not the right process any more as you can order the cables you need from the On line store under PSU accessories.

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Hi. Hope the OP does not mind as I'm not trying to pirate his thread.. but I have similar issue to this and was wondering if you could elaborate on the "this is not the right process any more" portion of your above reply.


I have a faulty cable as of late on my 2 year old HX1000(the 750mm x 4 sata power lead) which runs my raid array.


Not a huge deal of course since no data was lost but I'm now forced to route my wires right through the center of my Obsidian case because of the necessity to use 2 x 500mm wires with only 2 sata power connectors on each cable.


As a secondary concern, I'm already low on 6 pin ports from my PSU as I already have so many HDD on this system(an 8 drive array running off a card as well) which leaves me no expansion possibilities in the future. Not that I have much room left anyways(even in the massive Obsidian 800D case). lol


Are these cables covered under the warranty?.. or must I plan on buying a new one from the online store?


Thanks Ram Guy(or whoever would be so kind as to answer the question). ;):

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wish I could give you the case number but all they've sent so far is the "RMA request received" automated e-mail. That was sent on 1-13 right after I completed the request.


The particular cable I have a faulty connector on is the 750mm 6 pin to 4 sata power connector that came with my HX1000(USA model).


BTW, thanks for the "cable length guide" in the stickies.. very helpful to avoid making me dig through many boxes in storage or excessive Googling for the parts list/cable. That's much appreciated by many I'm sure.


Quick question here. As mentioned prior, I have many drives in this 800D case and was wondering if it's possible to modify the cables I have to be able to run all 6 of my SSD's from one single cable?


IOW, can I remove some of the connectors from a smaller cable(or preferably even the defective unit since I will not use it after replacement arrives) and load up that replacement cable with 2 more sata connectors?


I realize I must use shrink wrap insulation and plan on sheathing them anyways but just wanted to make sure it shouldn't cause issues for the cable, PSU, or inflict enough V fluctuation to cause dropped drives from the array.


Appreciate the added support, Greg

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I was sent this message in in reply to my RMA request.


Responding to Message Regarding Case #2569418


Message To » Corsair Technical Support Team


Past Message History

From Message Context Sent On

Technical Support Hello,


You can purchase them from here:




Thank you,


Corsair Customer Support 1/21/2012 3:51:19 PM



Seriously? This is the level of customer service I get after spending larger amounts of cash on your products and waiting 10 days for a reply from you guys?


This information is also quite contrary to what I was told by Ram Guy on your support forum. "Yes the cables are covered for the Warranty period of the PSU." from my inquiry here.. http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=102758


In all honesty here?.. if you treat my business like this I would not be interested in purchasing any more of your products and surely not to spend more money on another of the very same components that just failed on me.


Furthermore.. I have read the warranty literature included with this PSU(as well as that located online) and it makes no mention of any exclusions for supplied cabling with this PSU. If anything.. I would assume you DON'T want me frying the entire PSU and causing further liability on your end as a result. I simply need to know if you are going to cover the cable under warranty or not?


Thank you and I look forward to a more timely reply this time around.

1/23/2012 1:44:22 PM


any further help or explaination available here?

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