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I emailed Rma@corsairmemory.com regarding my case file for my RMA on Dec 31st 2011 but I still haven't gotten a response back yet.


The reason for the email is because I was wondering if it was possible to do the advanced RMA for my DDR3 Ram -


Currently it says that I would need to mail in both of my sticks of ram in order to get it replaced (only one of them is failing very badly on memtest), but currently I cannot have any down time for my computer right now and I saw on these forums that Advanced RMA is an option but must be contacted first to make that arrangement.


Can I please get someone from the RMA department to give me an email back to make this arrangement?

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I am sorry but you really should call them by phone and Customer service does not monitor the forums, so all we can do is send them a message. Also keep in mind we have been out of the office and just returned January 2nd so we are still catching up with the emails from the holidays. Their Number is listed under contact on the main site.
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