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32g Flash Voyager GT 3.0


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I received one of these snazy flash drives from my parents for christmas. I asked specifically for this flash drive the "32g Flash Voyager GT 3.0.


The drive worked in the usb 3.0 slots and the usb 2.0 slots. Then I took the flash drive to my parents house to use the printer. It didnt reconize the drive. Saying somthing to the effect that the drive is faulty and has stopped responding. I tried 2 differant pc's at my parents also shuting the pc's down and removing all power in hopes to drain the capacitors and then reboot. Still the same issue says the device does not work.


So I return home, try it in my pc. The usb 3.0 slot works and the 2.0 slots do not work. Then I tried putting it in the pc with usb 2.0 that I used the day before and the same issue. Did the 2.0 side of the device die out on me? Is there a firmware upadater I may use to try to restore the drive if it went corrupt? Well Anyhelp would be appriceiated as I need a flash drive for my work. Why I asked for this for my christmas present from my parents.


Thanks for your time Corsair.

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The numbers on the stick:

side 1:




side 2:





I really am in dire need of support. I need to know If I should just brick my parents gift and go buy a differant one. I need this drive for my work and cannot conduct my work without one. Sadly I have been boasting about this flash drive all Holiday season. Bragging that my parents were going to get me this product. Now I have to return to work and explain that the drive did'nt even last a week. Which might not sound bad, but when your a computer tech working on a floor setting up software on custom server racks for the world leading electronics manufacture. This can be a great downfall as the 100's of co-workers I work with are always in the market for a better flash drive. I was going to be the first one on the floor with this particular model.

Now I am just going to get laughed at until after the weekend when I have time to go out and get a differant product that I know wont fail on me.


I do appologize about my posting but after reading thru the forums and seeing little to no support. Like the case of the guy with 200 drives waiting to get info for 4 months and then hes not supported anymore becuase that model was outdated. I cannot deal with support like that. I cant even wait the standard 6 weeks if I was lucky to get a fast RMA. If I am not able to get a firmware update then this product most likely just met the garbage. Same with corsairs reputation. I build all my friends and familys PC's I havent had any problems with any other corsair product before. So I had no Idea the support was slim to none. When anyone needs to know about a product or a brand name they come to me.

You have a chance to restore my faith corsair, use it.

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Mine keeps telling me it needs formatted. I format into NTFS and it seems to work good then next use, it needs formatted again. I have filled out a RMA form in the middle of Dec and still not email or anything about what to do with the drive.
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