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BSOD problems w/ Force GT (fixed with new firmware)


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Hello guys!


So I bought two Corsair GT 120GB SATA SSD-hard drives. This is my first time I've used SSD and RAID configuration. Well, I configured my rig for the Raid and installed Windows.


Well, everything went good until I started to get Blue Screen of Deaths quite often. First I thought they were just first time problems and just my rig is getting used to the raid and ssd's. But no.. I started to get Bsods more and more often until I got a little worried. Why do I keep getting these Bsods?


After Googling around I finally got to the Corsair forums and finally I saw, I'm not the only one who have this problem. And then I discovered the firmware update thingy. After reading threads about them, I gave it a shot. I used to have 1.3.2 firmware, until I updated my both SSDs to the current newest fw (1.3.3). After the update all my BSOD problems just dissapeard.


So what do I want to tell with this thread? Well, I just want to tell you guys, Corsair employers are visiting the forum, reading our problems and taking them into consideration even if they don't answer. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR SSD'S FIRMWARES AND THE PROBLEMS WILL BE FIXED... sooner or later. I updated mine, and now I'm 100% happy with my well working SSDs.


Thank you for reading!

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