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Corsair HS1A Sound Problem


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I dont know what the problem is called so I could not search here.


I posted this on the ncix forum but through google found this forum. So I will quote myself here.

Hey guys, so I bought these head phones for $30 from ncix and Im not liking them. I thought for $30 you could get decent hp but seems thats not the case. There is hardly any bass, but thats ok. The biggest problem is that in games, its messed up.


I was playing APB:R, which is a shooter game. The head phones show gun shots coming from the right side when the enemy is actually on the left. When I turn left I hear them 100%. When I look to the right I hear them 100%. In the middle the volume gets less to show distance. This is whats messing me up. My 10 year old head phone were better than this one and I didnt have any problem like this before. In game settings dont help either, there is no stereo option. I think everything is fine but the head phones need tweaking. I dont think it comes with software or anything.


Can anyone help? Once again, Ive been playing this game on my older head phones with no sound problem, only with these new ones Im having issues. My previous headphone was Labtec LT 825, which I think is better quality than most $60 head phones today.


I dont have the usb one, I have the plug one. I dont think the drivers from this site work either.

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What sound card do you have?

If your sound card uses c-media software you can turn on one of the Environment effect then turn it off and it will fix sound being flipped.


The bass on HS1A is flat, main reason i returned mine when this headset first came out ($79).

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