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Help! Force gt vanished overnight!


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I have no idea what happened, but as of this morning, my 120gb Force GT has disappeared from my system.


I was up till 1am working on the computer last night with no problems. Shutdown Windows (7, 64bit) as normal, but when I turned on the computer this morning, BIOS did not detect my drive, booting instead my old Win7 HDD. The GT is less than 2 months old. It came with v1.3.3 firmware already installed, so I didn't even have to modify it. I was not experiencing any problems before this happened. (I am using Linux on a usb thumb drive to type this. Linux is not detecting the drive either.)


During the boot process, when my BIOS reaches the AHCI detection stage, it does not detect my Force GT, listing my 1TB HDD instead. Going into BIOS, the drive is no longer detected.


What in the heck happened? Drives should not just "vanish" for no reason. :confused:


UPDATE: I forgot to mention, computer spontaneously rebooted during startup this morning, then booted into my old copy of Win7. So I suspect the GT was detected briefly. I have a multi-boot system that includes HDD's with Win7 and WinXP on them, but suspecting a conflict, I unplugged them, and the Corsair returned. But I need my 1TB HDD drive with my old copy of Win7 on it because that is where I install all my software (to keep from filling up the GT), so I reconnected only the 1TB and left the XP drive unplugged. Corsair drive still there. So apparently, the GT doesn't like seeing both Win7 and XP drives at the same time.


I still use XP from time to time for older software, so I can't get rid of it. And you can't boot XP from an external USB enclosure. I can't leave the XP drive unplugged. So how do I resolve this conflict?

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Thanks. Windows Repair did detect "a problem", but I ran BootRec anyway just to be sure.


Computer is back to booting with all drives connected. Can't say for sure if the problem was fixed "permanently", but everything seems fine now. Thx.

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