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ECC Correctable Errors: 7


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I just installed a 4gb kit of Dominator Ram CM2x2048-8500C5D, and need help setting the timings. I need all the settings that come after 5-5-5-15-?-?...

My bios will not let me just put in those settings and leave the rest on Auto

so it will not run @ 1066 speed with out issues.

I had to leave all timing settings on Auto,... and raise CPU to 355 mhz to get

up to 1065 speed and 5-5-5-18 @532 MHz running 2.1V.

Memtest shows: ECC Corectable Errors : 7. on Test 5.

I want to run my CPU at stock speed 266 mhz with ram @ 1066 speed, Any Help would be greatly appreciated Thank You.

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Hi, and thanks for the help,

I can not see any thing labeled (ECC) to adjust in my bios I checked 3 times in all fields, in configure DRAM Timing by speed settings its AUTO or DISABLE when I disable a drop down menu appears with CAS# LATENCY [ ], RAS# to CAS# Delay [ ], RAS# Precharge [ ], RAS# Activate to Precharge [ ], Wright recovery time [ ], TRFC [ ], TRRD [ ], Rank Write to Delay [ ], Read to Precharge Delay [ ] , Write to Precharge Delay [ ]...

The top 5 box's have DRAM Clocks after [ ] and # can be typed in like 0 - 31 or other options but if I leave any box's empty system crashes, with DRAM on LCD Poster screen.

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I would like to thank you Synthohol: Once more for all your help. But My thought of trying 6x 533 Failed horribly lol... but I went back to saved profile which was running stable 4 hours, with cpu 9x 355 the Dram auto goes to 1065 speed but the timings are 5-5-5-18 Should be 5-5-5-15 at 1066. CPUZ shows memory as 6400 ddr2 running at 1065. And Memtest shows Ram:532 mhz DDR1065 CAS 5-5-5-18. So I'm not having much luck setting up this Corsair memory I'm Hoping some will have the correct timing #s and all will be OK,
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AMD does not have XMP but there may be a setting for "profile 1 and profile 2" that may be for the SPD profiles, please check into that, ive been out of the AMD arena for a few years since my m2n32 and 5000BE at 3.0g.


have you tried resetting the bios to defaults and manually clocking from there?

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My board does not have any profiles for AMD settings 1 or 2 , But the bios has overclock profiles you can save stable overclock profiles to and when you crash you can reboot with a single push cmos button and you can start all over or go to and choose one of your saved profiles, I have been starting over from scratch and keeping track.

To hopefully get this memory running at it's optimal performance with a small overclock,

Right now It is running fine but not passing memtest running at 1074 MHz

DRAM Frequency 537 MHz


5-5-5-18 2T

(358 x9 muilti) CPU Core speed 3221.6 MHz

I reset bios at least 8 times so far and it always boots to windows, but I think what I need is factory settings for all my timings so I can simply type them into the Manuel settings then every thing will stabilize and run at specified speed. Do you know how I can get these #'s....I have googled every thing, checked dozens of information sites but can not find all, just the first 5 settings and those are on the ram label?

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