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K90 Volume not working in some cases.


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If I am in Windows (W7 x64) my volume knob changes volume without any problem. Also when I play Unreal Tournament 3 it changes fine.

But when I am playing Skyrim it will not change at all unless I Ctrl+Alt+Del (or ALT+Tab if I already have something open to ALT+Tab to).


Anyone else have problems changing volume in Skyrim with a K90?

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The problem you have is with Skyrim rather than the keyboard, i had had the same problem with both my keyboard and my headphones.


Skyrim seems to like to disable anything outside of itself. Those (USB) volume buttons presumably send a keypress when activated, using "media key" keycodes to change system volume.


Skyrim doesn't pass those keycodes to the operating system = no volume change.


Tis listed on their horrendously long list of known bugs, which can be found: http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Bugs_(Skyrim)


Hope this helps,



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