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H80 Fan question

Crazy Chuckster

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Hello, I recently set up my new build with an H80 cooler. Install went fine and temps are great so far (no overclock just stock speed 2700k atm).


When I power on the system the fans rev up to full speed but settle down after about 10 seconds (as it boots to windows) I understand this is normal and its no problem.


My question is if I press the button in the center of the heatsink the lights will change from 1,2,3 but the fan speed never does, it always stays at what I am assuming to be the lowest setting.


Do the fans just increase as the temps do or am I missing something?


My batch # is 11369482


Yes my pump does make the slightest of sound like a hard disk accessing but I can barely hear it with the other case fans running (noctua low speed fans)



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