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2nd H100 in one week Not working properly!


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I bought a H100 last week. I installed it and the fans were barely changing speeds when I changed profile. Suddenly last night the controller and fans completely stopped working.


Today I went to my store here in Portugal and had the unit exchanged (the one I had came from the problematic lot referred here on forums) for a new one from a different lot (something I made sure, so I wouldn't have more trouble). Turns out, the new unit doesn´t work either!!! I just finished installing it and the fans just stay at full speed. I´ve tried to reset the firmware 5 times to make sure I was doing it properly, the lights flash and then stop at the maximum setting, if I click, instead of going to the lowest setting, they go to the medium, click again and they go to the max performance again. One more click, and there we have the light on the low performance setting, but no change on fan speed or noise on any of the settings...


I´m a bit disappointed with all the trouble I´m having with this product. I just bought a Corsair 650d last week and I´m planning on buying a HX-850 soon, but this kind of problems are making me think twice... :[pouts:


I´m calling the shop now to see if they have another unit to exchange, we´ll see how that turns out, but even so, its disappointing to have to go through three units (expensive units) to get something that works.

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Just went to the store to have the second unit exchanged. They tried it and came up with the same problem, as expected. They opened a third unit they had in stock, plugged it in and it was experiencing the exact same symptoms as the second (that I had brought), so three units and I´m waiting for more in stock, though I´m currently unsure if I´ll buy one or not.

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