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H80 - Fans spinning at different speeds. Normal?


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I have my H80 set up per the manual (both fans plugged into pump, etc.). Initially, I did have the issue of the fans revving up and down, but that seems to have somehow corrected itself (I did to the reset routine as well....holding down button 3-4 sec, etc.).


However, I do notice that one of my fans (the one plugged into the left socket of the pump - left, as in, while looking straight down on the pump, the left most socket of the two that are together) is spinning very slowly. The other fan seems to be maintaining a nice speed. The fans do not seem to be the issue since any fan plugged into that socket behaves the same. The same fans plugged into my cpu fan connector works just fine.


Is this normal? I was under the assumption that both fans would always be spinning at the same speed. At the same time, I don't appear to be having any sort of heat issues.


Some other details:


- Pump seems to be running normally at 4000rpm.

- Profile is set to the lowest. I did experiment with the medium and high settings, but it seemed to make no difference.

- According to HWMonitor, my cpu temp appears to be 26c (yes, 26c) at idle.

- The CPU is an i7-2600k overclocked to 4.6ghz.



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No, that is not normal. Also, your pump speed of 4000 RPM is not usual for a H80. While the H60, H80, and H100 share the same pump, only the H60 normally shows a pump speed of ~4000 RPM, the others should show ~2000 RPM (AFAIK, the pumps run at ~4000 RPM, but read ~2000 RPM for some reason.) A H80 pump reading of ~4000 RPM indicates a firmware failure according to what I've read in this forum.


You should try another firmware reset, but if a fan on that one connector still runs slow, and you know the fan is fine otherwise, you should return/RMA your H80.

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