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M60 Scroll Wheel not precise!?


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I recently purchased the M60 to compliment my K60.


The mouse is great feel wise but I am having an issue with the scroll wheel. Rolling the wheel forward 1 click at a time isn't registered properly, it will intermittently skip one and sometimes register 2. For example, if I'm scrolling up on web-pages one click at a time it should move the page up 3 frames at a time. It doesn't do that, instead it is skipping one, and sometimes registers twice after skipping one. Rolling it backwards (towards me) works perfectly. This is also frustrating when attempting to change weapons with the scroll wheel. It either won't change or switches it twice. I have tried reinstalling the software and the drivers to no avail. Any ideas?


Anyway, thanks for making great products and I hope I can get some help with this. If no one else has this problem then I'll get a replacement.

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Tried using different USB ports and even on another computer. Same issue.


Is this just a hardware issue with my mouse or are other users experiencing this? I'd like to know so I don't waste my time getting a replacement.


I had this same issue with a Logitech G5, it was hardware related and I had to upgrade to a newer version of the G5 for it to get fixed. I hope I just have a defective one because I really do like the mouse and would like to get one that works properly.

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I'm not sure if I was clear on my issue. It's not about getting used to the sensitivity, it's a scroll wheel that isn't responsive. If I roll the scroll wheel once, it does not register. It should change my weapons, but nothing happens, scroll up on a web-page, and again nothing happens. If I do it quickly, of course it works, but I'm talking about precision here. It works perfectly on my blue G5 and on the cheap Dell mouse at work.


It's a pretty obvious issue and it's very annoying, since you aren't experiencing this and no one else has commented on it, I will just assume I have a defective mouse and return it tomorrow for a replacement.

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I've got the same issue, i ruled out my PC by checking it on other computers and its the same.


Its not present all the time, it just pops up then happens for a day or so then goes away for a day or so then comes back.


I also bought this mouse for BF3 but its doing the same in webpages and folders in windows, its driving me nuts and i expected a bit more from Corsair.


My old MS mouse works perfectly without issue but i really dont want to have to go back to that.


Is this is a hardware issue or software issue?

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Hi ram guy, thanks for the response.


System Specs


MB: Asus rampage 3 extreme

CPU: i7 960

Ram: 6gb of tripple channel DD3 (PSD36G1600K) 3 x 2gb sticks

GPU's: Nvidia GTX275 x 2

OS: windows ult 64bit

Mouse driver V 1.0



I've tried uninstalling and giving it a reboot and letting windows take care of the driver install, produced the same issue.


As advised above i've tested on other computers and tested my old MS mouse and its not present when that is plugged in and is present with the m60 on other computers.


I also have the K90 keyboard installed with driver V 1.0.


The mouse was fine for the first couple of weeks then all of a sudden this just started and now its getting more frequent. Its pretty much there about 80% of the time now, dosent seem to matter if the system is under load or not at the time it happens.


sympton 1: the scroller just stops working completely then suddenly it Scolls to the bottom of a web page or folder after a few seconds.


sympton 2: it just scrolles up and down very fast as as i attempt to scroll down. If you scroll 2 notchs down the back up again, do this 10 times over very fast, this is the what the scroller does when just trying to scroll down. It just flips out. I have to alt tab to another app or click inside the page/folder somewhere to make it stop this behaviour or grab the scoll bar with the mouse and do it manually. In games trying to bring up a weapon is a nightmare.


One of the main reasons i bought this mouse was the corsair promo vid stated they had put some thought into the scoller, to quote "often the mouse scroller feels like and after throught, well not with the m60" and corsair is a premium brand when it comes to anything really (well ram anyway but they are branching out).


Info button pressed



USB Mouse:

VID: 0x1B1C

PID: 0x1B30

Manufacturer: Corsair

Product: Corsair M60 Mouse

Firmware: 1.07

Windows: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

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