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2 PSU Fails


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I recently bought a ax850 that refused to work when i placed my other gtx 580 in and short cicuited the entire top floor. So i figured maybe the gtx 580 was the problem and bought a bigger psu to run it (AX1200). Now i figured having a i7 2600k processor and 2 gtx 580's, that running them in sli with a 850 psu might not of been powerful enoguh and may of been the problem. So to counter act that i bought a ax1200 that worked for around 10-20 minutes then randomly crashed. For some reason the psu would click twise and refuse to power any part of the pc. ( Basically dead? ). I then again sent that back and got a refund.... i'm not too sure if maybe amazon had a bad batch or there's something wrong on my end. On 1 plug socket i have the psu, 2 monitors and a phone, and on the other socket the intertnet router, modem and 1 other monitor. I'm not too sure what to do here and i'm left feeling confused. Do i sell a unused gtx 580, and lose the 3 monitors i desired? Or am i unlucky and ended up with 2 faulty psu's?


Just a little extra information, the house itself is 40 years old and the wirring seems fine. ( Never had any problems with it before )


May of repeated myself there, just a little confused on what exactly the problem is so i went into detail as best i could... Also it's 3:42 am here so i'm a little tired. If anyone could help me on this matter i'd greatly appreciate it and could save alot of time and money.



~ Jack

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