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M90 Software corrections


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I see someone has started a thread that includes all the complaints and corrections everyone would like Corsair to make on the new Vengeance line of gaming peripherals, but for the M90 no specifics on what corrections need to be made on the software program. Perhaps we can start that thread here and now since that's the most pressing, not to mention correctable issue.


1) Ability to assign a button as a keyboard press and NOT as a macro. For example, I need to be able to assign one of the side buttons as just "Alt" and nothing more, but it has to stay down while I hold it down and NOT repeat over and over like it can be assigned to do now. It simply does NOT imitate a keyboard button like my old mouse can and does do now.

2) This part goes without saying, but I gotta say it anyway. Mouse assignments should work while in a game. I can get my macros to show up in a text file, but once I go into a game... nothing. And yes, I've tried everyone's suggested fixes. Make it so it works regardless of program/game opened.

3) More explanation on how to use the program either in the form of hover-over pop-ups or a help/instructions section in the software or available online.


Irrelevant info about me:


I've been lurking here for several months now since I ordered the M90 mouse back in October. I wanted a mouse with lots of thumb buttons but made by a company I could trust.


Now that the M90 has finally arrived I am impressed with the build quality. Sure, the placement of the more forward buttons will take some muscle memory training, but that's always the case with any new peripheral. Regarding the Hardware I have zero complaints and, in fact, am quite satisfied, even anxious to start using... but I can't until the number 1 and 2 points on my list above gets addressed.


The software, as everyone has posted more than thoroughly, needs a ton of work, but I just want to point out that... correct me if I'm wrong... this is the first entry into the software field for Corsair. I'm willing to wait for them to defend their honor and their reputation by putting out a worthy program that actually works and does the things all their competitor's programs allow.



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  • Corsair Employees

Thank you for taking the time to post your findings and concerns we need this type of feedback to make a better product.

We are looking into these reports and will update you ASAP on any s9olutions or work around we find!

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