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CX600W Boot failure, but paper clip test successful?


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Hi! I recently ran into some trouble with my PSU, the exact same issue as in this post.


I took the PSU to the store where I bought it, and got it replaced. They tested it and said it was dead.

Got a brand new one, but I still have the same problem.


I get a pulse of electricity, the fans start spinning for one second, and then it resets. The most confusing part is that I tried the paperclip test before filing an R.M.A, and the PSU fan starts spinning without stopping!


I read something about power spikes aswell, so I unplugged everything and tried starting my computer with only the motherboard connected, then with a fan aswell, 2 fans, a HDD etc. Nothing worked. I even tried connecting all my hardware and yet another fan on top of that, but still no luck.


So now that I now that there isn't anything wrong with my PSU, but still encounter problems that other people had that were because of their PSU, what can be done to fix my computer? Do I have to send it in to a professional tester if there is something wrong with my motherboard or GPU?


Thanks in advance.

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It sounds like a dead MB or CPU. I don't know if you have access to another CPU to test or not . Maybe borrow one? Or you could always have the local computer shop test them for you.


Unfortunately, I do not think I have another CPU for testing. The CPU fan also gets a pulse of electricity when I try to start the computer, so the problem might be the MB :(

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Pull the motherboard out, sit it on a non conductive surface (like the MOBO box) and test it again. You may have a short in the case somewhere.


Tried that just now, I sat the MB on some newspapers and fired it up. Same pulses of power as before.

If my dad won't let me unscrew his CPU for one final test, I'll have to call the shop.


Unfortunately, the company from which I bought the MB and CPU is internet based and their only physical store is 470 km away..


EDIT: Spoke to the company's customer service, they told me there was a store in my area. I will be going there tomorrow with my MB and CPU, and hopefully they will be able to fix whatever is causing my problem.


Thanks for the help!


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