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H100 and Scythe S-Flex SFF21F fan speed issue


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I want to run my new H100 in a Push Pull configuration. Unfortunately the fans run at high speed and do not respond to the profile settings.


Based on this topic http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=99361 I thought I might have a faulty device. I've tried the firmware reset but it did not help.


But then I tried a few other thing which make me have doubt again.


When using the two original fans, they do seem to respond to the profiles. When using them on another fan controller they work on different speeds.


When using 4 ********he -flex fans on the corsair controller they all run at full speed. When using them on another fan controller they work on different speeds.


What am I doing wrong here? All the fan have 3 pin connectors.

Corsair fans run on 12V 0.35A

Scythe fan run on 12V / 0.20 A

Testing with even another fan from ******** that did work on 12V 0.27A.


Is the 0.20A not enough? Could you please recommend other fans? The stock fans make more noise than I would like.


My batch number is: 11399403

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one other thing that comes to mind is that I might have been stupid to think that the S-flex are correct fans. The box of the fans doesn't say anything about PWM fans. so perhaps I ordered the wrong ones? Should they be PWM fans or not? I'm also a bit confused about the connector. 3 vs. 4 pin? PWM should be 4 pins? The corsair fans have a 3 pin connector which makes me think they are not PWM fans? Any thoughts are appreciated!!! Thanks.
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You don't need PWM fans for use with the H100 fan controller. The Corsair H100 fans are three pin fans, so you don't need PWM fans for the H100 fan controller. Frankly, I don't know how PWM fans will work on the H100 fan controller. Your new fans are not wrong for the H100 because they are the three pin type, but may not function correctly for other reasons.


The 0.20A rating of those fans is just their maximum current draw, a higher current rating does not mean a fan is better, they simply use more power. Fans with lower power needs usually are more efficient or sensitive.


Fan speed controllers apply a lower voltage (V) to run a fan at a lower speed. All fans differ in their starting voltage, the minimum voltage needed to start spinning. Generally speaking, lower current draw fans will start at a lower voltage. Each fan's starting voltage, change in speed with increased voltage, and top speed can be very different, and are usually more different than similar.


The H100's fan speed controller is tuned to the characteristics of the Corsair fans. Using other fans on this controller, given posts in this forum, is a crap-shoot, some work fine, others work to a degree, and a few act very strangely, stopping and starting apparently randomly. We don't know how the H100's fan controller works, by changing voltage to the fan, or by a PWM-like method that works with three pin fans, some mother boards have used the latter method.


Your new fans probably don't work well with the controller because of the top speed mismatch, 1600 RPM for your fans, 2500 RPM for the Corsair's, and your new fans have a lower starting voltage than most fans, due to their bearings.


I don't use a H100 so cannot recommend fans, but others hopefully will post some suggestions, and there are much earlier threads that discuss that topic. The Noise Blocker fans are one I think work with the H100 controller, or the Gentle Typhoon series made by the company of your SFlex fans.

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The Corsair team has helped me. The fan controller supports 1300 \ 2000 \ 2600 rpm.


All the fans don't reach the middle setting. Thus it makes sense that they don't react to changes. So instead, I now use a Scythe Kaze Master Pro that can control 6 fans.


Wish I knew before I bought 8 fans :)

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