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Query about RMA'ing H60


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My PC is on 24/7. This morning when I woke it from sleep, I noticed Real Temp was reporting an idle temperature of 57C (as does the UEFI BIOS), a massive leap from the normal idle temps of 35-38c I've been enjoying the last 6 months. I did a quick Prime load test and the temperature leaped to an incredibly worrying 93C from the normal 63C.


The left hand tubing running from the radiator is exceptionally hot to the touch and I do not hear the little liquid "trickle" sound when the PC is started. I believe the pump has failed on me.


So my query is, I've never had to RMA an H60 before, I just wondered how quickly the whole process will take? I'm also feeling a lot less confident in the H60 as a cooling solution, is there a high failure rate for this product line?

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