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H80 Pump Bracket Slot do not line up with Socket 775


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So I've been fighting with the H80 for the last couple of hours trying to figure out how to make this fit on my DFI Lanparty Jr. P45-T2RS motherboard. The problem is that the motherboard standoff bolts do not line up with the slots on the Intel brackets that come installed on the H80 pump assembly. I've seen other posts regarding capacitor interference with certain motherboards. I'm not having that problem.


So far I've tried reclocking the pump assembly in 90 degree increments to see if that might do the trick, but to no avail. I've double checked the rear motherboard bracket to make sure that it is installed correctly and the plastic nuts sit correctly in motherboard holes.


In order to prove to myself that it's the hardware and not my installation skills, I took my old stock Intel Socket 775 fan and centered it over the bracket slots on the H80 pump, as I know that those plastic pins line up directly with my motherboard. The stock Intel fan pins also do not slide around in their bracket so I know there's no slop there. Once I centered the Intel fan on the H80 pump, I found that the plastic pins actually contact the inside of the pump bracket tabs and cannot extend through the oval cutout. I've attached pictures as proof.


I'd like to know if others are experiencing this. I thought about drilling out the tabs, but the diameter of the thumb screws won't allow placing them any closer to the pump as it contacts the pump housing.






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We've seen a few reports similar to yours, but with socket 2011 boards. I have your problem with a H100 (same pump and brackets) on an Intel socket 775 board. It seems there may have been some bad brackets used on the pumps.


You'll need to create a RMA, and say in the information section that you want new pump brackets, and don't want to return the entire unit, if that is what you'd like to do.

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