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DISK BOOT FAILURE on Win 7 SP 1 install


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I installed my F120 about 1.5 years ago and it's been great. Few problems, great performance. Then, about a week ago, windows update installed something and I rebooted without noticing what it was. All of a sudden, I've got "DISK BOOT FAILURE", windows repair doesn't work, chdsk/sfc/etc....nothing is working. I assumed, based on some quick Googling that it was a common issue and just bought a new one.


Now, I get to the point where everything is up and running again with my brand new Force Sata3 F120 and Windows installs SP1 (for win 7 64bit), I reboot and BAM! The same error message. I'm pretty darn sure that this is the issue. The SSD/my Mobo or some combination thereof doesn't like having SP1 installed.


Anyone know what my next best step is?



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I switched the port and the cable. The drive works fine if I reinstall windows on it, read/write, etc.


So, here is an update that is hilarious. I installed windows 7 on a HDD I had on the same box, thinking that I would update the firmware to the latest version. Once I had Windows installed on the other HDD, I booted and got the option choosing between 2 different installs of Windows 7.


I chose the SSD version and it booted. I haven't erased the HDD's install of Windows yet, so I don't know if that is going to break my work-around or not...anyone ever heard of this type of behavior?

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