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Is my SSD borked?


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Hi everybody!


I come to this forum because I have some troubling signs from S.M.A.R.T.

Now, I know what you're saying: "SMART doesn't work properly all the time", but the thing is - I have symptoms too.


At seemingly random moments (but usually within an hour) the computer will crash with a blue screen of death. All programs will slowly just stop working or crash in one way or another one by one, until eventually the entire computer falls to it's knees, and I get a BSOD telling me that an important system function has terminated. Everything halts, I get a dump, system reboots.


SSDLife Free tells me this:



Is the disk dead, or is this Windows? What can I do to find out other than beginning the huge undertaking of wiping the system? I tried the benchmarking tool but it's... well a benchmarking tool. It also constantly complains about read errors, and I don't have an antivirus, although HijackThis reports all come out clean.


EDIT: I just tried to boot into OS X, and it worked completely fine. Yes, that is a Hackintosh. I don't think we need to go further into discussing it but let's just say that Hackintoshes are literally allergic to the slightest error in the system. They will crash instantly if ANYTHING isn't working perfectly and set up in some ridiculous manner.


Well, it hasn't crashed yet for a good hour now. It HAS to be either Windows or the SSD. OS X runs off a 160GB 7200rpm Seagate drive. (quite old, but whatever)

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Post a picture/screenshot of ATTO please.


I cannot, the SSD no longer boots. It BSOD's pretty much instantly.


What's the stop error on the BSOD, or attach a small memory dump please.


It has no error code, and the error dump fails to be written as the SSD has become impossible to write to - that is the error!


The exception varies each time, but it is always an illegal operation in a vital system component like Winlogin, winnt, kernel.exe or other such - and all the other apps have performed illegal operations just before.


Basically everything segfaults in a streak until Windows BSOD's. Windows isn't necessarily last on the list of segfaulting programs.

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