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H60 installation issues (bracket)


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Hey guys,


So I've purchased the H60 and tried installing it today into HAF 922. To my disappointment I wasn't able to install it or at least haven't yet figured out how.


My issue is that the pins (red dots) that currently hold my stock CPU fan are located as shown in the picture below. Mobo: Asus Z68 V-Pro




The mounting bracket with screws for Intel that was supplied is too thick to fit in between the motherboard and the metal sheeting on the left side of the holes (red in the picture). Anyone has any suggestions as to how I can fit this in?




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You have to remove your mobo to install. Most people have to. A lot of cases have CPU cutouts to help install coolers but most don't line up with all motherboards. Removing the motherboard is a hassle but there nothing else you can do.


Remove the motherboard, install the bracket, reinstall the motherboard, then reinstall everything else.

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