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Force 3, XP and AHCI


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Hi guys,


Today a received a Force 3 series 60GB SSD. I got it as the primary drive for a new build in my parents PC as hard drive prices (in the UK at least) are still high, and it would stop them moaning about things being slow!


Anyway, I have installed XP so that there is some familiarity for them. If it was anything else, I'd never get away from the 'how do I do this' questions.


I originally had the SATA config set to AHCI, but got the BSOD for not being able to launch XP setup. I set the SATA config to IDE as recommended on the sticky thread on here, with the intention of moving it back later.


Unfortunately the link to 'enabling AHCI in XP' on the master FAQ sticky is wrong, as it is for Vista and 7. I looked around a bit and tried other peoples methods but I could not get anything going so that I could enable AHCI. I spent hours on this and I'm a bit peeved I was made to think I'd be able to change it back later. Since I've just gone ahead and installed everything, I don't really want to reinstall with AHCI drivers packaged into my XP install or anything like that (I've found out about it too late)


Obviously it works fine without, but I'm guessing things would be a lot better if I could have it on AHCI. The drive came already on 1.3.3 but I'm pretty sure the upgrade tool doesn't work under IDE! Intel RST won't install, presumably for the same reason.


It would also be nice if Corsair could produce a guide with ideal tweaks to make when running under XP, as I'm a little worried about the lifespan of the thing running as it is.


The product is sold as being compatible with:


'Microsoft® Windows® 7, Vista®, and XP; Macintosh OS X; Linux'


So I'd like to see a little bit of support for those not running 7.


Edit: Motherboard is an ASUS P8Z68-V LX.



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