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ax 1200 do i need to rma


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Hi all .

I been having this problem for like 4 months now.

i have 2 evga gtx 480 in sli each card will work grate one at a time

at stock and at a verry good overclock.

but if i plug both cards in and hook up the 4 pci-e power cables

and try to enable sli this is what happins.


1 i will lose video singnal right off the bad

2 it will work but come times for a few day to a week

then there a loud hum from the psu and i will lose the video singnal.


i have trid like 5 sli bridges tested the card in all pci slots.


It seem to me that the psu is not putting out the full power for both cards.


Another thing is i had a saus p67 deluxe and it did the same thing so i thought it was the board now i have a evga p67 ftw and it doing the same thing,


i evga tex has been helping me trying to find out what it is and they thing it the psu.


and i have trid all the pci-e cables and in different ports on the psu.

and no my card are not over heating .

and this happens at full stock system.


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