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HX1000 to low 3.3V ???


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Hey guys, this is my first post in this forum.

I definitely need your help. Since approx. 2 years I am running a HX1000 for powering my system and everything was fine till a view weeks. It suddenly started that my display was becoming black, but my system still was running. I check all PSU connections and could not find any problem so far. This symptom is not repeatable, but I guess that this is happening, when the gpu is changing to 3d mode or screen saver. Did some test with Heaven/3D mark and sometimes it happens sometimes not. I am getting this also when the CPU is running at stock speed. I check the CPU by using PRIME, running for 12hours.


I also used memtest to check if one of the mem modules would have a problem, but nothing was detected. I also went into the bios to check the voltages and at least it look ok for me. After all the tests I installed ASUS ProbIT to check the volts of the PSU. Knowing that this software is not so accrue as a voltmeter. However it indicates that the 3.3 V line offers only 3.06 V. This is in my point of view maybe one reason for getting the problems. Could it be that the PSU is not sufficient for my system or it is maybe aging already?

The 5 v line is indicated with 4.93V and the 12 V are indicated with 11.93 V, this looks OK for me.


My system is based on:

Mobo: Asus RIIE

CPU: I7-950 @ 4.2

GPU: 2 x ati 5970

Mem: 12 GB (2 GB each module)

HDD: 3 x SATA, 1 SSD

Optical: 2 drives

Watercoolingsystem, plus 9x 120 mm fan, 1 x 230 mm fan

3 devices connected to the usb port.

So any ideas help me to find the reason are welcome.

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You are allowed 5% varience in either direction higher or lower. 5v and 12v look okay, but the 3.3v is pretty low. At least if you are going by software.


That low of a 3.3v rail could cause your issue. But to be absolutely sure i would get your hands on a volt meter. You can find ones pretty cheap. 10$ or so. Or if you can borrow one.


II know it easy to jump to conclusions about what is being reported,, but it's happened quite a few times here that software reported abnormally low voltages leading users to believe the PSU was to blame, only to test with a meter

and find out everything was well within spec.


I'm not so sure this is power related. The fact that it is repeatable basically only running 3-d tends to make me think one of your GPU's is having a fit.

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Thanks for your ideas peanutz,

Yes I checked the voltage with DVM already and the 3.3V is low, not as low as indicated in the software, but below the 5% spec. Next step was rechecking all the power connections in the case again. OK and maybe I found the root cause. I extended the 24 Pin connection and by checking this connection I have recognized that this was maybe not OK. End of a long story the 3.3 V line is now indicated with 3.2V which seems to be reasonable. However I will do a 24 hour stress test to see if I have fixed it. I will post the results.

Also the idea of having a damaged GPU could be an option, but I check this already in advance by running the system using a 6850 instead of the two 5970. At this time I have the same problems. Sorry for not mentioning this at the beginning.

@ peantutz: I do not want to open a new thread, but maybe you can offer me your opinion on the following subject. Will the PSU sufficient to run a system using a RIVE and I7-3930K instead

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