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Vengeance K90 Broken after 4 days?


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I got my K90 4 days ago-, and today it seems to have broken down..


Some keys have remapped themselves for some reason, not the macro keys, but the mechanical keys.


Like this:

Left Shift acts as left shift and right arrow key

Right Shift acts as right shift and page down

Left arrow key acts as left arrow key and "-"

Up arrow key acts as up and ","


The numpad is the one thats screwed up the most.


0,1,2,4,5,7 and 8 works fine, like they should. So does "/", but thats it.


"*" acts as * and enter, so does the numpad enter

"-" acts just as left arrow key, left and "-" that is.

9 and + on the numpad gives me "+9" (!)

6 acts as right arrow key

3 acts as page down


I found a program that shows you keymapping, and this is what it looks like:






The last one is when I press num3 and num6


I bet this post is abit confusing but this is pretty much how how my new K90 works after 4 days.


I've tried on a different computer and the result was the same.

I've tried to reinstall the drivers and tried different usb-ports, but no luck.


Dear Corsair support, how do I sort this out? :sigh!:

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Almost forgot this one..







found this also:


My right alt also triggers the left ctrl.


What the h*ll Corsair. A £100 Keyboard that doesn't last for a week?


Way to go! And I was just about to buy the Vengeance 1500 and the M60..


Can't even finish my school assignments in Photoshop and Flash because of the keyboard screwing up like this..

Even writing stuff on the forum is hard enough....

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