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H60 - My sys fan has 4 pins, not 3!


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Hi all,


So after installing a h80 on my wife's computer. (no problems) I go to the store and buy a H60 for my machine.


H80 was a piece of cake, but the H60 presents Problems.


I have a GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 mobo. The CPU fan is 4 pin, but the SYS fan header on the mobo has 4 pins, not 3.


Where the hell do I plug in the pump on my H60!!


Sorry - feeling really frustrated here.

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I tried it, but it didn't seem to work.


If I reverse it -- the way I am NOT supposed to do it, and put the pump fan on the CPU (which I am not supposed to do), the CPU idles at about 32/33c in bios and the fan on the radiator does not spin. Bios reports the CPU fan speed at 4200 RPM or so.


I have 4 other fans in my case including a monster 300mm fan in the top, so I think the rad is still probably being cooled, but not as efficiently as it is supposed to be.


If I do as you suggest, the cpu temp climbs in the bios to 40 fast and I got spooked so I didn't leave it on any longer.


Running a i5-2500k at stock speed btw -- not overclocked yet.


I will try it again.

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