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H100 Issue


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I have had my rig built for about a month now with absolutely no issue with great performance from my H100. Today it appeared something failed, I happened to minimize from a game to find multiple high temperature warning notices from my motherboard software, temperatures of 75C. After closer inspection it appear my H100's fans had stopped working, no profile LEDs on the controller were lit with only an LED that looks like a little man.


After powering down the PC and leaving to cool down I tried resetting the cooler with no luck, it appears to do nothing. I have disconnected the fans from the controller and reconnected to my cases controller so that they run, after checking the bios it appears the pump is still working and looking at temperatures it is idling at a temperature of 27C.


Has anyone had this issue before? Are there any recommended fixes or is this a straight RMA job.




- Howard

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It sounds like your firmware went south, the little man icon should not illuminate unless the Corsair Link unit is connected to the pump. You can continue trying to reset the firmware, but first remove all power from the pump and press the button a few times with power removed. Then reconnect, turn on the PC and try to reset again. If that fails it's likely RMA time.
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