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Corsair Force gt really slow boot times HELP!!


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i have a corsair force gt 120gb the main problem is the boot times are roughly like 45ish seconds ive seen peoples force gt boot in 15 seconds and so the question is what i can do to make it boot at normal speed i ran some bench marks on it and it was getting the required results but it just seems to not boot very fast at all and i also get a 15 seconds blank screen as soon as i turn the computer on not sure what could be causing this so i hope u guys can help :biggrin: also its still a fairly new machine i built it like 1 month ago so the bios is the f4 version and the corsair firmware is 1.3.2


here is a list of my parts

Gigabyte z68xp-ud3r

intel 2600k stock

16gb of corsair vengenace ram

msi gtx 580 lighting extreme 3gb

corsair ax 850

corsair force gt 12ogb

1tb seagate hard drive


ill also add the benchmark results



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wow, wish I saw those kind of Crystal Mark #s with the Force 3 I bought! That's with the Intel native SATA 3/6G I'm guessing?


As for your boot-up issue, it sounds like the blank screen is the normal POSTing process where it verifies DMI addresses and all that before your SSD is even put to work. If your HDD LED isn't flashing for 45 seconds, then its probably not your SSD's fault, just a long POST start-up for your board.


You can check your BIOS to see if there is anything about "enable quick boot" or something to that effect. You can also try to disable any other onboard ASICs or ROMs, like extra HDD or firewire/USB controllers that aren't being used as they can also make start-up take longer.

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