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Faulty H100 - Question about RMA to Norway


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I received a Corsair H100 as a gift. I mounted it on my I7 yesterday, and discovered do my dissappointment that the fan controller seems to be dead. The fans are spinning, but the LED lights will not light up. The fans are connected to the H100 fan controller. I have connected the H100 to the CPU FAN header, and also to a 4-pin molex plug.


I did some checking and discovered that the lot code of the unit is 11359403. I've read the sticky on this forum, and I've tried to reset the firmware as described, but it doesn't react to anything. There is a very brief and faint flash in the lower left quadrant LED when switching on the computer, but after that it's just dead.


I read in the sticky thread that lot 11359403 has only been distributed to the US, but this unit was bought in a store in Norway. I am wondering where I should go from here. Should I try returning it to the store, or should I request an RMA with your form? If it's the latter, will I need to ship it to the US? Will this cost me anything?


Any help is appreciated.

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I bought an H100 from the same lot in a store in Malmö, Sweden, and it did the grinding noise thing which has been reported a few times in the larger thread. I submitted an RMA request, just got my RMA number, but I want to double-check that I did things right when I filled out the form.


The RMA form seems to be designed for RAM modules first and foremost, and it asks for both a lot number and a serial number. I checked everywhere on my unit, but I couldn't find anything that looked like a serial (only lot number and product code), so I wrote "none" in the field for serial number. Was that correct? If not, what number was I supposed to write there?

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