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Stutters from the second SSD device

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I have an annoying stutter when using programs from my second SSD.

I have one SSD (corsair force 3 120 Gb) with my OS on and another (corsair force 3 120 Gb) with installed programs on. I have both SSD attached to the intel SATA 6Gb ports (gray ports) on the motherboard.

They are not in a RAID.


ATTO benchmark tests looks fine for both the SSD's.


Textures (in games) loading 1 or a fraction of a second slower then it should etc. Naturaly I wouldnt notice this kind of stutter in any other program like browsing or media editing, typing etc so I can't say for sure that the first SSD with the OS doesnt suffer from the same stutter.



When I run the same programs from a regular old HDD (the third device) hooked up to one of the intel SATA 3 Gb/s ports I dont have this stutter or slower read/write.


I have read about alignment things for more partions on a SSD setup and both SSD's are aligned (partition offset is divisible by 4096). I can't say anything about the NAND size for my SSD's since I don't know these for the corsair force 3 120 Gb. I can't find these numbers for this corsair SSD.


The OS SSD have 2 partitions

Partition Starting Offset of 1 048 576 bytes for the first partition

Partition Starting Offset of 105 906 176 bytes for the second partition


The second SSD have 1 partition

Partition Starting Offset of 1 048 576 bytes for its 1 and only partition



What could be behind this stutter from the second SSD?

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