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650D Fan Woes and a Noise Question (unrelated)


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Happy Holidays Everyone,


I realize RAMGuy and other corsair service people are probably enjoying holiday so I don't expect a response until next year (lul), but I wanted to get this out there.


This morning (Christmas) I woke up to play some SWTOR but noticed that my LED-Fan wasn't spinning, nor were the lights operating. After doing some unplugging/replugging they still didn't work. That's when I noticed that every single fan that was plugged into the 650D's cables wasn't powering up. Though the fans to the mobo header were.


So I did some googling and found all the issues that the 650D power has seen. I've not yet taken everything out and investigated to see if the controller shorted for a reason.


That reason being the controller has a max of 5.0... (amps? volts? channels?) something along those lines. I know that the 200m top exhaust, on high, runs at 1.7 and the 120mm rear exhaust runs 1.2 I think it was. Now I've got a 80mm in a 5.25 to 3.00 convert bay, and a AP181 (thank you faulkton) both running intake.


I think I might be exceeding that 5.0 (fill-in-the-word). So is contacting Corsair Support and getting a new fan controller going to help me? Especially when I want to upgrade those fans in the future for more quieter, higher-performing ones?


So that's my first and main question/problem.


Second, off main topic. The noise... I'd like to make it quieter. I've read that the front grill is one of the main culprits, and removing it is really one of the only ways. I was wondering if anyone had tried, and if there was a large amount of work involved beyond cutting it out.


Thank you all very much and again,


Happy Holidays!

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