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K60 doesn't work through a KVM


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I got home, plugged in my new K60 keyboard, and...nothing. The indicator lights on the keyboard illuminate, but no keypresses make it through to the computer, and doing things like pressing "caps lock" doesn't toggle the indicator light (the keyboard comes up with Num Lock on, and the windows key disable button is lit).


The keyboard is plugged into a Belkin DVI/USB KVM. I've used everything from a 1984-vintage IBM Model M keyboard (through two layers of adapters) to the very latest gaming keyboards from other vendors and never had a problem.


But while the K60 works perfectly plugged directly into a computer, it's dead as a doornail when connected to my KVM. Even the key sequence to toggle among the computers connected to the KVM doesn't work.


I think I'm screwed, but thought I would see if anyone here had a suggestion.

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Just tried with another KVM from a popular vendor. With this KVM the K60's LEDs didn't even come on. Again, both KVMs work perfectly with any of at least a dozen other keyboards I've used over the years, including one with LEDs on each individual key, which presumably pulls more current than the K60.
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