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BSOD in Windows, but not Linux


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I have a new 240GB force 3. It came preloaded with 1.3.3 firmware (the latest, right?). It's was supposed to replace the HDD in my Acer Aspire AS7551-7422 with the M880G chipset from AMD.


  • Windows 7 (64 bit) installs just fine
  • As soon as I started installing drivers from Acer it blue screened. These drivers work perfectly with a regular HDD or a HDD/SDD hybrid.
  • Windows 7 runs perfectly in safe mode.
  • This is repeatable. Secure erase and re-install gets the same results (total of 3 times)
  • Linux installs and runs perfectly - rock solid and can fully saturate the SATA II interface so the performance is "very nice". Yes, I did have trim enabled under Linux (the "discard" mount option).


When Windows "blue screens", the HDD activity light stays solid for about 10 second before the blue screen. The mouse moves in this time but windows is frozen (it won't respond to mouse clicks).


I strongly suspect that it's the Radeon "Catalyst" driver thats provoking the problem. It also includes a northbridge driver plus all sorts of other things apart from a classic "video" driver. I say this because the final time I got a blue screen, I'd only installed the Radeon driver and no other. (Under Linux I use the Linux version of the Catalyst driver, but that is trouble free.).


Does this resonate with anyone else?


(For the staff here, does this provide any insight into why some people still get BSOD issues?)


Comments? Thoughts?



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