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Mapping a button as Double Click


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I have been able to figure out how the button mapping works for keys, but I can't seem to figure out how to make a macro that includes mouse clicks.


I would like to assign a double click to one of the buttons. How can I record a double mouse button click? Or how can I make an assigned left-button click repeat?


Has anyone figured out how to get the side LEDs working properly?


In the configuration software, in "Assign Buttons", what are all the playback options? What is "Define N" for? (What is "N", and why would some software engineer somewhere think we would know that?)


Anyone find an instruction manual for it?


Is there a firmware update for it somewhere? Can the firmware be updated?


I just love this mouse to pieces, the tracking is awesome (so far), the feel is great, the weight perfect. The ability to program all the buttons was a good decision. Now, if only they can get the guy who writes the manuals and the other guy writing the software to do as well as the hardware guy is doing this would be a top of the line product.




I just tried Skyrim Elder Scrolls V, and I can't get any of the buttons other than the left and right buttons to work. Even if I program the buttons using the Corsair software to be the default Skyrim keyboard keys and save it to the mouse, it still won't work. This has got to be the worst software ever. You can't name the profiles, so if you get a large list of them you will lose track of which profile is for what game. Apparently I can map a mouse button to another button but only if it's not the left or right buttons, so it's looking like there is no way to set a button for double click. You cannot associate a game exe with a profile for auto loading. Also the only way I can tell what profile is currently loaded is to set the lowest DPI setting to almost nothing on one profile so when I select it I can tell which it is because the profile lights don't work. It seems to me there's a lot of work to do to this software and to be honest, I don't think I want to be working on getting the mouse to work when I should be playing the games I bought. It's a nice feeling mouse for sure, but I don't think I can wait until the 30th for a working mouse, and I highly doubt all the things this needs to be functional can be completed inside several months. I'm pretty amazed this was released for sale to the public this way. This software doesn't need an update, it needs replacing. It doesn't have even the most basic functionality that the competition's software has, and I mean basic. If I go into a game like Skyrim with a different mouse, I don't have to use any profiles at all, I just go into the options, click one of the controls and pick a mouse button and it maps it. The game doesn't even see the M90 buttons at all. As far as the game is concerned, this is a two button mouse. Skyrim sees all the buttons on my other mice, why not this one?


I'm really disappointed in Corsair. I could have believed this type of thing from a lesser company, but for Corsair to release a barely functional product...wow. What happened to paying a little more for the Corsair quality? Instead, I paid less and got way less quality (software wise). I really hope there's no addressing problems or anything with the buttons on this mouse. I would hate to have to rely on this profiling software. I would like the driver to pass the button hardware IDs to the games so I don't have to use this very bad software.


Couldn't Corsair purchase software from another company? One that makes software that works?


Here I am once again with a mouse wherein I love the hardware but the software doesn't function properly. This is getting to be quite the wild goose chase. Is it so hard to get a decent programmer?

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Which mouse do you have? M60 or M90?


M90. I hear a few people have had luck with a few games but many people still having same problems. Haven't been able to get it to work in Skyrim, but some of them seem to work in Guild Wars. The bottom two LEDs are still stuck on all the time. I hope the "update" will correct this because I'm not sure if there's a hardware problem or if it's a software issue. The side buttons don't work in Duke Nukem either.

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  • Corsair Employees

The KB and Muse Product manager asked me to post this;

First, I wanted to thank you for the purchase of your Corsair product and for taking the time to write your perspective.


Our goal is to make performance products that make gaming even more fun. We have heard you and other customers about what you are looking for and rest assured, we are not only listening but also providing solutions. Recently, we have released the next version of the Corsair Gaming Software and in this version it “fixes” macros working in games by using the Hardware Bypass + on-board memory features. Simply save your profiles to your mouse (M90) or keyboard (K90), click Hardware bypass, and viola, mapped macros play in recently released titles like Battlefield 3 and Star Wars Old Republic. We try diligently to stay on top of the gaming community’s requirements…in some cases, we get it right, in others we’ll fix it to get it right. It is part of our DNA and part of our commitment to you. For various internal reasons, we did not release the SW with a user’s guide. Again, we will be releasing this shortly.


My hope is that you continue to support us as we become a “great company for mice and keyboards”. Your voice has been heard and we are taking action to make our mice and keyboard products meet and exceed your expectations.




The Corsair Team.

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It's just a pity that beta 2.12 seems to be comprehensively broken for a lot of people including myself. I am unable to even program the mouse as it keeps turning off macro recording as soon as I hit any key. Perhaps you can pass this back to your product manager as well. So whilst I would love to try hardware bypass, its not supported in version 1.01 which I had to revert back to.
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