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H60 mounting/installing questions


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I have a Socket 939 motherboard with a retention bracket. When I test mounted the H60 cooling block, the screw rings successfully latched on to the bracket's protrusions, but the hose joints at the block are now either on top or at the bottom of the CPU socket, with motherboard mounted vertically in a tower case. Does the cooling block need to be mounted in a specific orientation relative to CPU socket for the radiator-pump combo to function properly? Similarly, if the radiator is mounted at the side of the case, should the radiator be mounted with the hose joints at the bottom, or at the top?


When installing H60 cooling block to AMD sockets, how to tell the proper tension strength of the screws? Since the H60 kit does not come with thermal grease package, do I need to apply thermal grease to CPU prior to installation? The fan in H60 kit is a 4-pin, but the motherboard only has 3-pin connectors. Will H60 fan work with the 3-pin connectors?

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