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My K60 feedback


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I LOVE thjis keyboard! After using it for a few days I think I have only one criticism and that would be the placement of the multimedia controls - which are THE reason I bought this keyboard! No other mechanical keyboard I've seen offers multimedia controls and I cannot thank you enough for making this... I simply can't live without at LEAST a volume knob on my keyboard.


OK, so many years ago when I first used a keyboard that had multimedia controls, the transport controls were centrally located north of the keys and the volume knob was to the left of the tab key roughly. I understand your placement of the transport keys right above the numpad area - empty space there, why not use it for play/pause and others?


My last keyboard had transport and volume knob central north of the keys. I did not like the volume knob in this central location but it worked out fine after getting used to it.


Here's my reasoning: If I'm working on something on my computer and want to change up the music I have playing or the volume, I am encouraged to take my right hand off of the mouse to do so with the configuration this keyboard. If my right hand is on the keyboard (because I'm typing) and not on the mouse then I still need to move it considerably to get to the volume and transport controls.


If the volume knob were north-left, say above the 'esc' key then I would not have to move a hand nearly as much to access it.


Similarly, if the transport keys were located north-center then either of my hands could access them with less hand movement required than in the current configuration.


Another issue is how much lower the transport keys are than the numpad keys - nearly 2 centimeters lower than the numlock key! It's quite easy to accidentally hit one of the keys in the top row of the numpad when trying to hit one of the multimedia transport keys.


The issues above apply not only to someone who listens to music while they work at their computer but also to someone who likes to have music playing while they game in full screen. I don't want to have to take my right hand off the mouse in order to do ANYTHING while playing a game!


If I were to use a scale of 10 for a rating, I think 9 out of 10 would be fair with the understanding that I have NEVER seen a keyboard I would give 10 out of 10. I'm not thrilled that some of the keys on this keyboard are rubber dome cheapos but the multimedia keys were ultimately the deciding factor for me that made me buy the K60.


How I would redesign it:


The raised piece of metal with the Corsair logo on it should be raised higher so that it is closer to the height of the tops of the keys - this would reduce the problem of accidentally pressing a key with the under-side finger knuckle when trying to hit a button north of some keys... a picture is worth a thousand words? I would swap the volume and mute with this north-left location but too lazy to put the effort into doing that in this image... want the volume knob to be the most left control here.


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Interesting. not as pretty, but more functional. I agree with you that the transport keys are too low though.


but most keyboards put volume on the very top right, don't ask me why I have no idea. if you memorize your 4 fingers on the transport keys it might not be so bad, but I hear you on hand movement.


I haven't heard anyone else complain about the media keys, but I guess most people don't use them very much.

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