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Noisy fan on AX1200


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Hi there,


Is it normal to this PSU to run its fan on high speed without load?


on my older pc-case this PSU fan, runs louder then any other fan(11. 6 of them in radiators ) on my pc. I was thinking it was the "heavy" load it is in to (see my specs).


Now im updating my pc-case to better on for water cooling and because i needed to take it out from i old case, i decided to test my theory.


I connected, DVD and 2 SSDs to it. Started the PSU with adapter(for filling the waterloops) and there the like full speed runing fan was again. Then i take out those drivers and startet that PSU. Yes the same fan start to run again on same speed.


I dont recall my last HX620w to being this loud and that PSU was the reason why i buy this on in firsth plase.



So is it normal for over 1000w PSUs to run its fan like that without load(to keep componets cold) ?


Sry my English:o:

Cheers Mummy

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