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AX 1200 issue


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Hi ,


I try to replace the power supply in my HP xw4600 with an AX 1200.


When I power on, the system try to start for 1 sec., the the power supply clicks and the computer beep 2 times and the red led blink 2 times.


According to the HP xw4600 Workstation, Service and Technical Reference Guide the system report a thermal shutdown.


The pin test work fine.

The cmos was reset.

The inconsistency in pin 12-20-23 on the the 24 pins connector had been resolved.


I've try to remove the pin 16 and put it to ground....and the CPU fan goes crazy ...


The old power supply still work in the system....


Any help ?


Pierre Béliveau

..sorry for my bad english...

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12 is a 3.3 which i guess is not important to your board? the

5v ground at 20 is no issue and the 5v+ at 23 is weird its not required either.

leave it to HP/Compaq to mess with a standard just to get you to only buy their products... i hate that, gateway is the same way, all jumbled up on the boards ive worked on.


anyway im glad it worked out for you but removing pins may void your warranty.




Pin Name Color Description

1 3.3V Orange +3.3 VDC

2 3.3V Orange +3.3 VDC

3 COM Black Ground

4 5V Red +5 VDC

5 COM Black Ground

6 5V Red +5 VDC

7 COM Black Ground

8 PWR_OK Gray Power Ok is a status signal generated by the power supply to notify the computer that the DC operating voltages are within the ranges required for proper computer operation (+5 VDC when power is Ok)

9 5VSB Purple +5 VDC Standby Voltage (max 10mA)

10 12V Yellow +12 VDC

11 12V Yellow +12 VDC

12 3.3V Orange +3.3 VDC

13 3.3V Orange +3.3 VDC

14 -12V Blue -12 VDC

15 COM Black G

16 /PS_ON Green Power Supply On (active low). Short this pin to GND to switch power supply ON, disconnect from GND to switch OFF.

17 COM Black Ground

18 COM Black Ground

19 COM Black Ground

20 -5V White -5 VDC (this is optional on newer ATX-2 supplies, it is for use with older AT class expansion cards and can be omitted on newer units)

21 +5V Red +5 VDC

22 +5V Red +5 VDC

23 +5V Red +5 VDC

24 COM Black Ground

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