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Defragmenter "MyDefrag" for SSD disks ?


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Anyone use this utility for SSD ? (MyDefrag version 4.3.1 : http://www.mydefrag.com/)


On the website, it seems than this utility can be used for flash SSD/memory disk.


Is it good to use it or is it dangerous for my SSD disk ?


Thanks you.



From the website :



Will MyDefrag reduce the lifespan of my flash/SSD memory disk?

Yes. Flash memory disks (such as USB memory sticks and Solid State Disks (SSD)) have a limited number of erase-write cycles. The MyDefrag defragmentation and optimization will move files to new locations, which involves erasing and writing, so it will reduce the lifespan of your flash memory.


But there is no cause for alarm. Modern flash memory disks have at least 10,000 write cycles, more expensive types use different hardware that is guaranteed for a minimum of 100,000 cycles. All flash memory disks use a technique called wear-leveling. The controller in the memory disk will automatically reassign blocks in the memory so that all the memory is worn down evenly. For a good explanation of how this works see the * Corsair USB Flash Wear-Leveling and Life Span article on the Corsair website. In order to wear out a cheap 10,000 cycle flash memory disk in ten years, you would have to write to EVERY BLOCK in the device about 2.7 times per day, every single day. This does not take into account error correction, which will extend the life even further, and the fact that the 10,000 cycles is a guaranteed minimum, typical flash memory will handle an order of magnitude more write cycles.


The MyDefrag script to defragment and optimize Flash memory is specially designed to move as little data as possible. Fragmented files are defragmented (this takes just a single write cycle), unfragmented files are not touched at all. Gaps are filled by moving all the files together (also just a single write cycle), if there are no gaps then MyDefrag will do nothing.


Nevertheless, my advice is to use some discretion and not defragment/optimize flash memory disks every day, but only incidentally, for example once per month.

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