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500R Lighting Switch?(& general thoughts)


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So upon first install (hackintosh!), the case light fans were on and all was good. I pushed the button to turn them off and they went of (cheer). However, now when I push the button, the lights come on only as long as I physically hold the button in. It will not stay depressed and when I release the lights go off. Obviously this is not right - how does the button behave normally? Does it stay depressed and then spring out when pushed again?


Also, my general thoughts on the case (note that I own a 600T case as well).

> Overall, very nice build, layout and design.

> Plenty of room and cable management is a breeze

> HDD/SSD trays are flimsy and do not fit SSDs well. The nub does not align with the hole when the screw holes align on the bottom. I have a handful of SSDs laying here (including Corsair) and this is the case with all of them. The nub is part of a rubber/flebile plastic piece so I can MAKE it work but it's not quite right. Haven't searched the forum to see if others have noted this.

> Documentation is sparse at best. Being an experienced builder, this wasn't an issue with me, especially since most things are intuitive but it would be nice if there were more detailed documentation online, especially around the front panel, wiring, etc.

> The case is very quiet and rather light (the 600T is on the hefty side).

> I really like the lighting with the white case.

> My PSU had a really tight fit (500W PCP&C modular) and one of the rubber nubs the PSU's rest on popped off (it's glued on). No biggie.


Overall, sweet case for the price. I can tell the materials quality is less than that of the 600T but then again, the 600T costs more.

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