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What to Connect to?

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For maximum stability I would recommend using the light blue native Intel SATA2 controller, you should connect it to the very first port. Marvell controller (gray) is not recommended since it seems to be underperforming and instable. Anyway, you can try this port and see which results you get, this controller seems to be connected via PCIe x4. If you're experiencing issues, switch to Intel port, I would prefer stability over speed.
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I'm still at it. AAAAHHHHHHH


Trying to install Ubuntu at the same time. A linux noob here.


Anyway the drives are now connect to intel & will be in raid0 so I can't test them out in the marvell. (no raid support)


My head is spinning with everything that is going on. As Spock would say, "That's not logical captain."


Computers...............never a dull moment.


Thanks for the advice. Appreciated.

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