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M90 Mouse: bugged software, bugged hardware too!


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I received my M90 mouse yesterday.



Nice look

A bit larger than average (your palm has some support!)

Well built scroll wheel

Good pads

Good sensor



Side buttons are way too stiff

You can reach all the side buttons only if you have at least an L/XL size hand

The software seems just a primordial beta!

The left button (nr 1) rubs on the dpi lowering button (nr. 6). When I press left button, dpi button gets half pressed too! Left clicking is not smooth as should!


You can see that in this video:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr6b5KiIne0 (bad quality but should be clear)


I'm very disappointed! I'm now goin' to spend 15 euro to send in rma a mouse received yesterday. :dunno:

Corsair should refund shipping charges for Dead on Arrival!


Anyway with this software (bugged, incomplete, beta!) I would not use it!


If only I known it I would have never bought it!

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buttons are way too stiff, I agree... and some of them are too far out of the way. I wish they used the same buttons on the side they used on the left/right and the "4" button.


I'll probably be returning this because the hand pain isn't worth it when I press these buttons thousands of times a day in MMO's. that, and I can't even get the mouse to keymap buttons...

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