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CMP8GX3M2A1600C9 and CMP4GX3M2A1600C9


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First, my setup:


CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black Edition, OC'd to 3.6GHz

MOBO: Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H with Award Bios (newest update)

GPU: EVGA GTX 560 Ti 448 Core FTW Edition

Memory: 12GB Corsair Dominator cmp_gxm2a1600c9 (2 x 2GB) and (2 x 4GB)

HDD: ******** 500GB

Power Supply: Ultra LSX 650w


Core Speed: 3600

Multiplyier: 18

Bus Speed: 200

HT Link: 2000




I recently purchased a computer for gaming, but it only had 4GB of ram. It came with the 4GB cmp4gx3m2a1600c9 (2 x 2gb) set in it. I decided it was simply easier to get the same thing, except a larger amount, and add it to the other set. I purchased the cmp8gx3m2a1600c9, giving me a total of 12GB.


I figured that since it was already configured for the 4GB set, I could just plug in the 8GB set and be good to go. Well, it wasn't that easy.


1. How do the 2 sets go into the 4 slots. With one set, it was set up with one in ddr3_1 and one in ddr3_3 (the blue slots). At first, I just put the other two in the open slots, but I tried it side by side too. The problem persists however.


2. In CPU-Z, under the SPD tab, the first set read the max bandwidth as PC3-10700H (667 MHz). The new set (8GB) however, reads as PC3-8500F (533 MHz). The only thing different about these two sets is the overall size. Shouldn't they read the exact same thing?


3. I can't find how to setup the DRAM Configuration. I know 9-9-9-24 at 1.65v is what is says, but is this the best setup? What about all the other numbers? If anybody could please help me that would be awesome!!

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When you try to mix kits like that it often causes more trouble than what it's worth. Even if you had two kits of the exact same memory the chances of you getting them to run at rated speed is slim.

Basically you would have been better off to ditch what you had and start fresh with a new 8 or 16 gig kit for your MB.


Also with AMD your stock max supported memory frequency is 1333mhz, and anything after that you will have to over clock. I would suggest looking for guide on the net based on your MB/cpu combo or just by CPU.


Other than experimenting with what you have there really isn't any sort of set settings to suggest to you in hopes of getting them to run correctly.

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I appreciate you taking the time, but if you re-read my post, I am overclocked to 3.6ghz from the stock 3.2. I was just trying to find a) somebody that has a similar setup who would share their COMPLETE dram configuration, or b) a Moderator or somebody who at least knows what they are talking about to help with the config.


So, anybody that wants to offer something up, help would be appreciated.

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