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RMA follow up - 2 months


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i currently have an active RMA request but due to absence of the warranty seals on my drive it is taking a bit longer to get this validated.

i still have confidence in getting my drive replaced however every reply from the customer service takes at least 1 week (!) although i'm doing my best to respond to their questions withing a few hours.

needless to say even when appreciating them trying to confirm the validity i have lost alot confidence in corsair products.


this is my 1st real customer request for a replacement.

maybe its just 'one' bad experience but i doubt i will be able to confirm that in the future.


i'd like to drop the rma number here but also reluctant to put such a thing in 'the open' ...





oh whell here it is : 2357779



if i wait 2 more months i may as well trash this drive and get a bigger one for the same price ?

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry about that, this is not normal, please contact our customer service for an update. The number is listed under CONTACT on the main site.


P.S. I did send them a message to check your case as that is about all I can do from Tech support, sorry!

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