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I am sorry to disturb you all sorry if it is off the forum rules.


I need assistance with a new SSD i purchased a month ago that has only given me problems from the get go, it has a intermitent blue screen and stops my nvidia display driver every now and then, i have been very disappointed with this product, i was wondering if you think i should return the product under warrenty, or will there be a firmware update to address this issue, when it blue screens it talks about a particular nvidia DLL file. As soon as i do a CHKDSK the system works again, i know its not drivers as i have updated and downgraded drivers also i have updated the firmware on the card and tried it on other computers, the issue only started accuring after i put the drive in also i have updated it to the latest firmware 1.3.3. Please help as i cannot continue like this i use this computer for work and this is becoming a huge time constraint!


Please let me know if any of you need more information

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