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H80 Fan Loud - Speeds not affected by profiles


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I just put together a new rig, and have installed an H80 with both fans as exhaust. One of the fans is running extremely loud - guessing its running at max speed constantly. Also, pushing the button on the cooler to change profiles does not seem to do anything.


BIOS shows:

CPU temperature at 19 C

CPU_fan at 2000RPM

cpu_fan_opt at 2500RPM (h80 fan)

cha_fan2 at 2500RPM (h80 fan)


I tried resetting the firmware (held down button while turning on system, got blinking lights), but no change. Also tried switching around fan connections on motherboard.


Any ideas?




edit: Nevermind, I'm an idiot. Didn't realize the fans are supposed to connect directly to the cooler and not the motherboard.

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