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AX1200W Noise


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Ok, so i know many people are having noise issues with the AX1200, well my AX1200 Also.


Its not the typical screaming coil whine like i have heard on youtube, its more like a very low high frequency noise, i can (Barely) hear it over all of my case fans wich is 7 + 2 on the Noctua D14, wich makes it 9 fans spinning.


Its not changing during load, its the same sound load and idle. but its very low, but i can hear it, wich makes it annoying..




This is a clip taken from another user, and its amplified, its sound exactly like mine, but MUCH lower.


I would guess that if the sound had been just a little lower, i would not have noticed it.




So the big question is: Can this sound go away over time, can it be that it just making this sound since its brand new?

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Thanks for your reply, i have broken the warranty sealing, so im stuck with this AX1200 :p: (thought i could replace the fan with a noctua fan i had, wich i found out, i couldn't)



But Ram Guy, could you find out if there is possible to buy one or more of those AX1200 Yate Loon fans?

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I am sorry we do not have the parts for PSU's as they will all go back to the factory and be refurbished at the factory level. But You should be able to use almost any fan that is the same basic spec. However, they may use a custom connector and may be soldered to the PCB which would require you to be a little creative when replacing.
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Ok, Thanks!


Seems like this Yate Loon fan is impossible to come over :p:


And i havent found one single fan that have the same spec as the AX1200 Yate Loon fan, its pushing 140CFM of air @ 2800RPM, and NO fan has this spec, in fact, i havent found anything even close to it.


But having that said, seems like my fan is little more quite now. Not so high pitched anymore.

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