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K90 - Wrist Rest


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Hey guys, I just plugged in my new K90 about an hour ago, and have been getting accustomed to it. Very nice keyboard, I really like it a lot. I have almost no complaints, except for one, and for me it's a real problem:


The wrist rest feels like it was not designed while taking into account the fact that the keys on the board are higher than normal keyboards. I feel like there is almost nothing to rest my hands on while typing, because my hands are having to be lifted up and over the keys in order to reach them all.


I feel as though this is a major oversight. One of the reasons why I picked this board is because it's rest kind of reminded me of the steelseries 7g, in that it had a nice gradual angle, and looks comfortable... (over the other board I was humming and hawing about: the Mionic Zibal.)


I'm wondering if Corsair has heard any feedback on this matter, and have any intent of rectifying the issue? Like with an alternate rest we could purchase? (Although with the price of the board as it is now, I have a hard time justifying more expense for myself)

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First I hear of someone not liking the wrist rest. I received my K90 yesterday and for me it's the complete opposite... this is one of the better rests I've used and the keyboard feels absolutely wonderful to type/game on.


So with that in mind we can only really sum this up one way:


It's impossible to please everyone, and when it comes to peripherals, especially input devices such as mice and keyboards, it's probably a good idea to test them before buying.


Sorry mate! Cheers and good luck.

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I just wish the K60's wrist rest was lower like the K90's. the K60's is way too high.


I just wish it would be the other way around. In my opinion the wrist rest is way too low and it makes impossible to reach media controls.


De-attaching the wrist rest and moving it further away helps a little bit though.

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